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'05 12RT radio/mp3 question


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I have an '05 12RT with the radio/CD player that I'd like to run a mp3 player through. The radio has an 'AUX' mode for auxiliary connections, but no info or indications where or how to connect any auxiliary devices. I've learned that later year radio units have an auxiliary input jack on the radio face, not mine however. I'd like to run the mp3 player through the bike's radio so I can use its volume and other sound controls. So far, the best thing I've come up with is the FM adapter-things that puts the mp3 player into the radio through a vacant FM frequency.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas.

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There are several posts on the subject if you search the forum. Here's my post (Note: the part numbers seem to change but essentially your looking for a early 80's 3 series Ipod adapter).


IPOD adapter

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