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07 R1200RT windshield help


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I need some suggestions for a windsshield for my 07 R1200RT. I'm 6'3'' and would like to find one that is not too high when lifted, so I can still see over it but provides me with enough protection from buffering. I've tried a Laminor lip on my GS but did'nt like the plant on look of it. I come from the dirt side and I can't believe I'm complaing about not hearing my radio when I'm ridding.


Go figure!

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I did the prototype testing for California Scientific. Their large size designed for your (our) size. I have a CB, Z-technik and find advantages/disadvantages to each. Since you mentioned "quiet", nothing else comes close to the CalSci. I no longer wear earplugs unless I will be on a freeway near noisy vehicles or in dirty air.


Since they are near you, why don't you talk to them in person?


If you end up near me, come try them all out if you wish. This applies to anyone else in my area too.


I have a complete review of all four and really will get around to posting it soooooon.........................

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I have found the V Stream to be a winner on my 07 R12RT. I'm 6' and did not like the wind noise,this screen sorted it. The radio/CD works great.

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The wife & I spent this past weekend on our 12RT with a Cee Bailey windshield, listening to A LOT of music the whole time (thru helmet headsets, Autocom intercom). Today I went for a quick ride around with the stock shield mounted and couldn't hear anything because of wind noise unless I really stood up the stock shield. I'm 6'1" and the Cee Bailey does a good job even in the lowest position for me (on a Corbin in the high position); at higher speeds I'll raise it a couple inches to make the slight buffeting go away. The Cee Bailey blocks alot of wind, which is why I had put the stock shield on because it was so hot this afternoon...hope this helps some.

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