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Heated grip Troubleshooting


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Hey gang. I need some of your collective knowledge. I just got some heated grips for my 2000 1100RT. I have tested out the grips themselves and they are roughly 4.6 Ohms each. I installed the 3 position switch and have tested it out as well. Finally I verified that the 15amp fuse is still good.

Here's the problem...the grips don't feel as if they are heating up at all. Any ideas would help me out. Thank you.

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The most common mistake made is not matching up the black and brown wires when joining the connector.


The second most common is not realizing that "off" is the middle position of the rocker.


If those two items are under control...

check for readings to the switch and out the switch..

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Yeah I was hoping that I just didn't have the wires matched up but that's not the case. Also the switch is in working order with up=high middle=off and down=low.

I looked through my Clymer manual but that didn't do to much for me, except point me to a relay. However at this point I don't want to shoot in different directions.

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