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new 04 r1150rt rider needs ergonomic advice


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need all the advice I can get........27" inseam; got a factory low seat and bar backs which help but became uncomfortable as can be; took out some padding and added gel and even worse; love the bike hate the bmw low seat; thinking have to go with shorter shock(s)... do I need just rear or have to do both and any reccomendations on which company; I know will be expensive but think have to do it; then what about a seat? Meyer? Cobin? Sargent? seems to me that seat pan all of them curves up to soon and can't get butt back far enough with any low seat.........bought an Aerowflow and much better than stock but thought wind noise on highway louder than I expected.....what happens if add laminar lip or swirl edging?............have side cases but no top box and thinking after market duffle or something for $200sh versus $500 for top box; any advice.....Any and all comments advice from people with experience any of these matters appreciated. Don't mind spending to make the bike feel like it's mine but don't want to do a mod and it be waste of money like the dough I already spent on my seat. Thanks kindly in advance.

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George Brown

I have a 29" inseam or less as I shrink with age. I put a Sargeant seat on in 1999 replacing the Corbin that came with my bike. I also removed the bar-backs that came with my bike (Note to self: sell these). With the stock suspension, I used the low seat position and could flat foot the bike while stopped. In 2003, I installed Ohlins shocks and now use the middle possition. Regarding the Corbin, I found the front sides to high and wide. The Sargeant is much narrower in the front area. I've done several 1000+ mile days with this set up.

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We have the same inseam. I bought Ohlins and had a 10mm spacer installed in the shock body (F & R) which dropped seat height about 1" Handling much improved also. Had side stand shortened at same time. Bought a Rick Myer custom low version seat - good for many hours. Bar Backs finished the job. Wear thick soled boots also. I am solidly on the balls of both feet.


You can get custom length Progressive shocks, or Wilburs - will be cheaper than OHlins, and you won't have to find a shop to machine and install the spacers. I am in Canada, but there was a fellow in Ca that worked with Ohlins who was knowledgable - name was Stig (?), maybe someone can provide his contact info.

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