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Guzzi National in Minn. washed out


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Looks like the campground where the nationals were being held was in the way of a flash flood. Luckily, it looks like no one was hurt, but lots of bikes were lost underwater and mud, including the Moto Guzzi factory demo fleet. The area has been declared a disaster and is being evacuated.





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This campground is 2 miles from my farm. I just returned after spending the last several days helping those in the path of this flood. Sometime Sunday morning after 12:30 am, my neighbors house was washed into our creek. His body was found two miles downstream.


The devastation is unbelievable. 17.5 inches of rain in about 18 hours. My friend and motorcycling buddy was staying at my farmhouse as he and some others were attending the Guzzi rally. I finally got them out yesterday. The motorcycles they so happily arrived on will remain in my barn for a very long time. The only way in is by ATV, foot or horseback. All bridges are out, mudslides everywhere, homes gone, at least six dead with several more missing.


The creek in my front pasture is normally five to six feet wide. At peak flood, it was more than 100 yards across. A killing wall of water without regard for anything in it's path. It's a humbling experience to see what nature is capable of.


I am returning now to continue to assist my neighbors who have lost so much. I have some pics uploading to Smugmug now, which I hope to share tomorrow.

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Here's one picture. Just above the red vehicle was the home of my neighbor, now deceased.




I'll post pictures later over in "Other Topics" because from here on out, it's not about motorcycles.

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The weather is really changing. We got pounded in the CLeveland area a couple of weeks ago, something like 3 1/2" of rain in 45 minutes. We just don't seem to get normal rain storms anymore, but more like torential down pours. I'm starting to believe in the Global Warming thing.

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I went up there to test ride a Norge. Left Fri. after work and stayed in Lacrosse. I got up early Sat morn and watched the weather channel, said heavy rain and flooding.

Rode to Houston under very dark clouds and occasional sprinkles. I got at the campground at 7am, and the demo guy was setting up the bikes,he said he would start about 8:30. I waited around until about 7:30 when it started to rain, I left, I figured with the way the clouds looked and the forecast there was no way that it would stop raining. I rode out of the rain going east. We can prepare for the weather most of the time,but something like that we cant do much with. I wish all of those who live in that area and those who were visiting all the best.

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