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Trying to find first bike


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I'm trying to locate my first real bike, a 1971 Honda CB750. I am getting the VIN from the state, but I want to find the current owner and make a generous offer for the bike. I want to restore it to its original condition. I know, midlife crisis and all. This was a great bike. I bought it new when I came home from Viet Nam and rode it through college. Thos Wolfe said you can't go home again, but I'm trying. Any thoughts on how to locate the current owner?

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Good Luck on this seemingly impossible endevor..If it were me I would just buy one of e-bay and re-create the old bike but like I said Good Luck and hope it works out for you..

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What year did you sell it? I believe those bikes did not become collectables until well after they arrived here. So what i'm saying is its very likely it did not survive the crusher, but you never know. thumbsup.gif



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