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San Jose to San Luis Obispo


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This is my first ride report, so bare with me. I don't know how to post the pictures, but if someone will help I will try to post, very large pic. sizes.


We went on a ride Sat. from San Jose to SLO. This is my first ride outside of the Midwest, and I must say I am very envious, the weather was great and the ride was just too much to express properly. First I must thank Craig Crawford, a local for taking me on his ride. Second to Pacific Cycle Company for providing me with a new R1200RT for the day, I would highly recommend Mark and his company for anyone needing to rent a bike in the bay area.


We started at Craig’s house in Sunnyvale (beautiful and 65 degrees) and rode down 880 to PCH, the ride down to Monterrey was fun and quick. Once out of Monterrey we saw a sign curvy rode next 74 miles. Coming from OK I have never even saw a sign like this in my state longer than 1 mile. I saw the Monterrey Bay and was amazed by the beauty of the pacific. We continued on down PCH toward Big Sur, now the temp has dropped to 59 degrees and I needed my liner for my jacket, as we get to Big Sur the temp rises to 84 according to the bike computer. When we come thru forest they ocean just seems to come up to greet you, the roads get even curvier and we stop often to take pictures so the ride down take 5 hours. We have lunch in San Luis Obispo at a BBQ joint, didn’t know you had good BBQ in CA.  On the ride back we need to make up time so I can get the bike back by COB for PCC, so no time for stops. We get on the bikes and make great time back, really testing my skills on the bike going thru curves and passing all the cages doing 20mph on the road going north. What was so great is that I got all new views going north on the same road. I get back to PCC in San Jose after hours and Mark is waiting for me, all he does is asked if I enjoyed my ride and how the bike worked for me, nothing about being late. This was by far the best ride I have ever done, and I can’t wait to get back as Craig assures me there are many more roads to discover. As a man once said “What a Rush”. thumbsup.gif

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You're right, it's a beautiful part of the world!!


We lived in Pismo Beach for a while; I remember San Luis Obispo would close their streets off every Thurs. evening for a Farmers Market.


Also use to be the best British Sport Car refurbisher around on Marsh St in SLO ("British Vintages, Inc."). Bought a tangerine orange MGB for my daughter there on her 17th birthday. "But Dad, it's a stick!!" smile.gif


May be time to head out that way again. Good ride, looking forward to your photos.

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Next time, tell your friend to take you frm Sunnvyale to Almaden and through Uvas Canyon over to Watsonville. This drops you out on the coast just North of Monterey--and it's a pretty ride too. A bit of history. Almaden is the home of what was the New Idrea (sp?) Mine where Quicksilver was once mined.


Cool place. A bit of history and a gorgeous ride to boot. What more could you ask for?

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