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Speedo re-assembly help, please


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My speedo box fell apart in my hand the other day and I'm not sure in what order the pieces came out. I tried looking at parts fiche online, but I can't match everything up.




Do the washer-looking items (lock rings?) go into the speedo housing, then the "driving dog" go onto them?




Also, would Redline CV-2 grease be appropriate to use here?

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I just replaced mine the other day when the speedo stopped

working BMW sell it as a unit. The unit i fitted did not

have any washers i could see or lay my eyes upon so they

must be internal (fitted first)if you place them on the

nylon gear wheel it looks like a perfect diameter fit to me.


Dont know what Redline CV2 grease is but any high temp.

wheel bearing grease will do.


Note: check the tang of the small worm gear to ensure it

turns freely(where the cable conects) mine was frozen &

stripped the nylon wheel.

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My drive doesn't have the two washers either, and I don't know where they could possibly go... The plasic drive piece shown drops down into the metal housing 'teeth first' (the teeth on the plastic drives the metal worm gear that spins the little thingie sticking out of the metal housing that engages the speedo cable). The teeth on the plastic piece can get pretty chewed up, but can be cleaned up with a knife if not too bad. The metal drive dog (not shown in your picture, but item 6 in the microfiche - costs about 80 cents) sits in the wheel behind the grease seal (item 7) in the wheel, and engages the two 'ears' on the plastic piece shown and two notches in the wheel. You can use a screw driver to pop the grease seal out of the wheel to examine the drive dog. Sometimes the metal drive dog ears will not make good contact with the plastic ears and cause the speedo to not work well (and sometimes the metal ears that mate with the wheel can get completely eaten off). Bending the ears that contact the plastic drive a touch will restore the contact unless the plastic ears are too badly eaten up. You can use JB weld to increase the contact area on the plastic ears - or buy the complete speedo assembly (parts not available seperately).

Any bearing grease will work fine.

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It isn't suppose to have come apart. As mentioned, time to get a new drive assembly.

Ugh. frown.gif


For future reference, did I do something to cause this piece to explode?

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Unless the RT is different from the RS, the plastic drive just sits in the metal housing, and is held in by grease only, so I don't know why Ken says they don't come apart...

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No, you didn't do anything wrong. These items are very easy to dis-assemble. Sometimes the grease gets grotty. The housing can be cleaned, lightly greased, then the 2 thrust washers go in followed by the nylon drive gear. It should all be lightly greased. I too clean and rebuild mine at each tyre change.


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I put the speedo back together with a generous dollop of Redline CV grease and it all seems to work now.


However, I didn't take note of the speedo cable routing before I removed the front wheel. Can anyone provide a picture or description of the cable routing?



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