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I just traded my 06 Buell ULY (14300mi) for an 07 K1200GT.

The Buell was a good bike but I have been lusting for the gt since seeing the bike on a bike trip in June. I only have 300 miles on the gt only 1.5 days but it is a dream come true. I put 20k miles on a previously owned 02 rt 1150 and hope to put many more on this bike. The gt was previously owned with 2800 miles in perfect condition!

My wife even mentioned she might go on short trips with me(she has only been willing to ride on our 03 goldwing)!

The BMW's I have owned have been pricey to purchase but held their value and cost per mile were reasonable. The Buell was less esxpensive to purchase but depreciation was fast and cost per mile was the most expensive bike I have ever owned.

The Buell was a unique bike and would have been a 3rd or 4th keeper but I am trying to be just a 2 bike guy.

Looking forward to many miles!

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