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Sports Softbag '51


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Has anybody used the "Sports Softbag '51" on a R1200RT? This thing looks like it would be great to put on the pillion for one-up touring but from the crummy pictures BMW shows, it needs a bit more exposed frame to attach to.


What do you think? Better ideas?


Thanks all

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I'd like to know too. I tried it on a R12RT at the dealers, but i think i tried it across the rack, and it didn't seat well. I picked up the Sport Softbag tailpack model at the rally and that's working great, but if the '51 fits, that would round out my setup.


Anyone tried it?

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I grabbed on at a dealer at least a year ago and sat it on a new R1200RT. It goes across the pillion seat and sits on top of the sidebags. I thought "wow, it's huge" at the time. It completely blocks the view in the mirrors that work so well for me with my height and riding position.

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I purchased a 49L waterproof bag from Aerostitch. It was about a 1/3 $ cheaper than the BMW bag and it also opens from the top so it's easy to get to your gear on the go. They also sell different sized bags. Check them out.

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