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new rt - any suggestions


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Just ordered my R1200RT (ESA, heated seat and grips, cruise control, TPM, ASC), and was just wondering what people thought was the "must have" accessories. I have been thinking of the 49L top case but..also looking at the Hepco Becker. I am picking it up next week so I have time to add before I take it home. I am going up to Nova Scotia next summer and am looking forward to taking the RT instead of riding the Triumph Bonne.

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The large top case is nice, but does catch some wind. Also, though, it provides a nice backrest if you have a pillion rider. I prefer BMW's to Givi's as the BMW unit locks right on, while the Givi units require that a plate be installed. Still, I think you save several hundred dollars to go Givi, and lots of people have and love them. If the top case would be on all the time, then I wouldn't think having the plate there would be an issue. I haven't seen the Hepco Becker line.


I got the large BMW topcase because my work issued briefcase/laptop would not fit into the side cases. Generally, I think for one up riding most people would not need that much space. It's big and heavy.


For the BMW case, you have to buy the lock cylinder and have it keyed to match extra. Some people take the top case to a body shop and have it painted to match (it already does if your bike is silver).


I would strongly recommend cylinder head protectors. My wife also has side case protectors on her bike, but she hasn't tested those yet.


Most people don't like the BMW tankbag, too big and projects to far into the place where your belly goes.


Some recommend getting a real spare key, we did.


I got some of those things to plug into the power outlets that converts it to a standard cig lighter size. So far haven't found a use for them.


We got side case liners from Cee Baily's. We got tools from Harbor Freight.


Welcome to the board and enjoy your new ride when it arrives.

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Congratulations and welcome to the board!

I hope you bought silver, it's the fastest grin.gif

My personal preference is for the 49L top case; it's great for everyday use and for the overnighters thumbsup.gif

Then just ride, and ride, you will soon learn what else is needed.

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I didn't like the BMW Tank Bag when I first got it (X-mas gift from the kids) but now take it everywhere. Don't find it intrusive and/or too tall at all (have a Zumo 550 in front of mine), plus the "handle" serves as a neat water bottle holder when I'm not using the GPS!


If you don't use a tank bag, consider the "Handlebar Utensil Bag" from Touratech-USA.


Again, welcome & Best of Luck with your new Ride!

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1) 49L BMW topcase (just did an 8,000 mile/36-day ride, and it was invauluable. VGoes on, and comes off, quickly and easily. It also looks like it was designed for the bike);

2) BMW tank bag - you'll never find another that goes on and comes off so easily;

3)cylinder head protectors;

4) side cae protectors;

5) a third "real" key;

6) extra accessory socket, depending what accessories you use, and whether you have a passenger.

7) bag liners for side cases, and topcase;

8) reflective "sticker" kit (custom-fit) from Motoquip for side cases, and topcase.

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Thanks all, was thinking of the Zumo and wondering about the view with the tank bag but glad to hear it will work just fine. Plus I could get a Nolan N102 with the XM raido function for music. Great! Everyone is giving me good advise to think about. I forgot to add that I did order a third key. I will check out the protectors mentioned by marcopolo. And sorry Gordon I got the blue - which I believe is the second fastest color. Now all I need is the winning Powerball lottery numbers. ; )

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My new RT included a BMW 28L BMW top case, which I prefer for my solo use. For touring the larger 49L case would certainly be roomier, but I prefer the "looks" of the smaller one. I did buy a BMW tank bag but just for longer rides to complement hard luggage. If I could be granted a little wish, it would be that BMW offered a smaller bag utilizing their slick rail mounting system. The suggestion of Touratech's small handlebar bag is noteworthy. I am considering one for day rides when I don't want or need the big BMW bag in front of me.


I'm still evaluating cylinder head guards and general protection. Maybe those plastic BMW ones, but Touratech's aluminum guards seem more substantial, although more aligned more with GS styling. The silver aluminum BMW GS guards are an option but "hide" much of those head cover castings. I just might buy a set of Wunderlich protectors, in bling chrome if you please! smirk.gif

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Although many say the 49L top case catches wind, I wouldn't have made my California trip without it ( I used everything in it coming From Texas). I also have the BMW tank bank that carried my toiletries, medicine, CamelBak water tank and my riding companion (Pietro Beretta) thumbsup.gif

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Lots of great suggestions here. I agree with the tank bag comments -- it looks big and unwieldy but I quickly grew to love it. It's not in the way and the quick and easy on/off is appreciated. I have the big case on the back and it's also great. My Honda friends pick on me -- saying it looks like the butt of the character in the movie "Norbert" (and that is one big butt) but (sic) it works great and the back rest is appreciated by your rider. The only other thing I would suggest if you plan to take long trips are highway pegs. I have the elf pegs and like them. They fold away and you can't tell they are there. They are a bit expensive, they are not very sturdy and they can bend if you lay it down (don't ask how I know this) but man do they come in handy on a long trip.

Enjoy your new machine.

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I have a 49L topcase and absolutely love it. I also have the BMW tank bag - it is a breeze to go on and off (refueling removal is nice and easy) and it holds everything I need "up front".


I have The Kathy's Journey Designs side case liners and 49L luggage. I am very happy with these.


I too grabbed an extra "real" key.


I added a rear outlet (bought the parts from the chicago dealer online.) Piece of cake to install.


I just returned from a 1500 mile weekend to Ontario and I gotta say that the tank bag and the top box were must haves. The bag liners are nice - as packing and unpacking is streamlined and "fit" easily into the bike. I also picked up and Ortlieb (large) bag from aerostitch and it doubles as a backrest when you have a sleeping bag/pillow/towels/fleece/whatever in there. SUPER nice for long rides.


Enjoy your ride...Congrats and welcome. thumbsup.gif

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Congrats on the RT. The folks here are a good bunch.


++++++++++1 Cylinder head protection is your friend, go metal.


I like the Migsel RAM based accessory mount and have a Garmin 2820, Radio Head, and/or small dry box.


Enhance the rear lights with LEDs. The p3lights look good, there are others.


The jury is still out for me on the BMW tank bag, it seems a little big, but I'm giving it a chance since I love the mount.




P.S. Everyone knows black and white RTs are the fastest cool.gif

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What color is your RT? If it's Biarritz Blue, and you'd like a color-matching topcase, get the Givi V46 plus the lid that was made for the Cobalt blue FJR--it's an almost perfect match--I mean nobody can tell the difference. I have one and total cost was approx. $375 including the mounting rack (Twisted Throttle).

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Thanks to all - I think I will get the 49L and the tank bag for sure.


How handy is the compartment where the CD player should go? Anyone use the Radio Bay Storage Insert?


I will have to do some research on the other items until I earn more funds. Also Wunderlich engine protectors are on the way (will use Line X on them). I like the way they follow the lines of the engine and they seem to have good clearance for cornering.


WOW you guys are good!

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How handy is the compartment where the CD player should go? Anyone use the Radio Bay Storage Insert?
It's so handy I call it indispensable. I keep my air compressor, tire gauge, extra tools, mini-mag-light and insurance/registration paperwork in there. And there's still room for my cell phone and charger when I'm on the road. Don't see a need for the insert. Everything stays nice and dry without it and I think the insert would just take up space. Enjoy your new ride. With almost 43k on mine I still love it more everyday.
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How handy is the compartment where the CD player should go? Anyone use the Radio Bay Storage Insert?

Quite, its a great place to lock the Zumo especially with the storage insert. Keeps it from getting scratched and falling all the way to the bottom. I also keep a mechanical pencil in there to write down the mileage on gas receipts.

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I have the Hepco Becker top case on my 12RT. I cost less than half the BMW 49L top case and is 48L in capacity. It uses an adapter plate to attach, but you don't know its there and it slides off and on easily. I had a local painter color match the top to the bike. The outside dimensions are much smaller than the BMW top case because it is not double walled like the BMW case. I get many comments from BMW top case owners who, after seeing mine, say they wish they had gotten the Hepco Becker instead.

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All the above suggestions are right on the money, IMHO.


I'd add a couple of safety lighting items ASAP, too.


Hyperlights are worth their weight in gold!


Motolights are a great addition to get the attention of car drivers who might turn in front of you.


Enjoy your RT! It's a wunnerful mo'sickle!

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I just got a new 07 RT myself. I got the BMW bag with it. It can be a great bag when the need is right but it is just too big for my everyday needs. Like many, I sure wish they made the same bag about half the size or less. I studied up on all the alternatives I could find. Mike05 and Effjay07 mentioned the Touratech Handlebar Utensil Bag (part #047-0210). I bought this and it works great for my daily needs. It will easily hold eyeglasses in a case, a digital camera, cell phone, extra earplugs, a small cloth for faceshield cleaning and still room left over. The dimensions on the bag are misleading(10x6x1.5") It opens closer to 3 or 4 inches, not 1.5". This little bag works very well for these few items and mounts very easily and securely to the bars. I also bought the radio bay storage insert you mentioned. I can take it or leave it as to its value. I use it but it doesn't go anywhere near to the bottom of the bay so I put things I would rarely use under it. Frankly, although these are no substitute for the availabe storage the BMW tankbag provides, between the Touratech bag and the radio storage bay there is quite a bit of storage available. On the Touratech bag I actually went an easy step forward and cut a sheet of somewhat rigid plastic, folded it and put it in the Touratech bag to give it some shape. It's real simple and if you or anyone else needs more info I can help. Also I know a lot of people like the Cortech Super Mini and it is a good small bag. Hope this helps as I know the tankbag issue is always discussed and was one of my first projects.



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I find that with the 49l top case, I only mount the saddlebags for overnight trips or grocery shopping. Since the bags are the widest part of the RT, it's now much easier to maneuver in my somewhat crowded garage.


Another handy farkle is the Z-Technik license plate frame helmet lock - especially if you travel two-up and don't like to carry your helmets with you into restaurants, etc.


http://shop.ztechnik.com/cgi-bin/ztech/results search_model=bm-046


Enjoy your new RT!


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For safety, get the paired TailBlazer bulbs from Kisan Technologies. Swap out the existing tail/brake light bulbs and pop the Kisan light bulbs in the sockets. A microchip in each Kisan bulb will pulse your brake lights when you engage the brakes.


"No wiring required" for this job -- it's as simple as replacing the bulbs. But, there's a catch -- you'll have to use some needle nose pliers and switch the wires for each bulb socket. BMW seems to reverse the ground and hot wires. (You'll know you have this problem if you install the Kisan bulbs and they don't pulse.)


For nav/entertainment, I've had good luck with the Zumo 550 and the available XM attachment.

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