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Like an old pair of shoes.....


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....sometimes you just want to ride close to home and with friends who are there for the same joy you are. Work is really busy now and I have been doing a lot of things after I get off so riding has not been much of an option. I spent all of yesterday cleaning the house after being gone most of the past few weeks. A very smart and beautiful woman told me to get over my fear of cleaning ladies and I may just take her advice. smile.gif



So at the crack of dawn I headed down my street to get Russell and off we went down the highway...our objective was to eat breakfast in Tonto Basin and then head home via the Apache Trail to get a little dirty.



I know I know, so the picture is out of focus. I still like it and this is my ride tale so either stop reading or squint for me will ya?



We met Tim, Jim and Mikko (it sort of rhymes)at Fort Circle K in Fountain Hills and we headed north. To the North is the Apache reservation where if it wasn't for the Slot Machines, we would have been in trouble. Even at 06:45 it was about 90 degrees and about 30% humidity which to me feels sticky.



Soon we were in the mountains and it dropped to about 80 degrees for a bit. The first 80 miles flew by and most of the roads were this clear. Mikko stretching his legs on his modified WeeStrom.




Butchers Hook, which is perhaps world renowned for having the blandest breakfast in all the land. MMMMMMM but just knowing these things were waiting in the parking lot ready to go play in the desert made it one of the best meals I have had in a long while.



A quick jaunt down the road had us next to Roosevelt Lake (where Phoenix gets a good share of its drinking water. Water is up a little from the Summer storms we have had.



The crew getting ready to hit the dirt. Got to love Mesh gear.



Jim led the way to the dirt and for the next 27 miles I was having so much fun I never bothered to take a picture.



Same road just earlier in the summer. There now, I aim to please.



Jim is a Doc and takes things a little more sanely then some of us so he ended up bringing up the rear. I figured with a Doctor in the train I could open her up. I tried to use a little more brake on the corners and it helps. Still need to push up my bars a little. But I will be ready for Cathedral Valley and Torrey XIV!



Man does Gatorade taste good after riding in 100+ degrees. Don't worry Tim was touched before he got on his moto this morning.



The crew taking her easy at Tortilla Flats.



Russell was collecting some of the local fauna.



I mention it was getting warm on the way home?



Back in the city, but I could have ridden another 500 miles and wanted more. Oh well soon I will be riding in Germany so I won't complain. 185629627-L.jpg

Of course I will sneak one in next weekend if I can! You can see my helmet grinning already!

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Great ride. Next time take some pictures on the Apache Trail. When I went through there it was my first dirt road, I was too scared to look at the scenery. dopeslap.gif

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That was a nice ride, looks even better in pictures.

Tom has the touch...


Low point of they day was when some dork deliberately tried to to drive into us with his big jazz truck and a boat trailer.

I've never experienced that before, a driver taking an aim at me to drive me off the road frown.gif


Oh well, nothing an afternoon by the pool wouldn't fix. grin.gif




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I saw him do that to me in the turn but thought he was just swinging wide so was only mildly peeved. After I passed him I was pretty much out ahead until I caught up with Tim. I figured you guys passed him on the long straight before Apache Junction. Did he come at you guys again?

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...I thought he was just swinging wide...


Looking from behind, so did I (Tom was ahed of me and passed this guy a minute or so before I did).

Just thinking "there's yet another one of these guys who just can't stay on their side of the road..."


But then I passed him on the staraight, and as soon as I was getting past the trailer and got even with truck, he swerved left. On a straight road...


No question at that point it was intentional. He did NOT like us passing him.




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Hoy Tom,


Nice tale! Thae second photo's a bit out of focus--it's early, maybe it's my eyes that are blurry tongue.gif Just giving you grief my friend...


Hot yes, but it's a dry heat thumbsup.gif



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What's up with the double, double yellow?


I think they are on to me passing on single doubles and have taken drastic action.


That or it is because there is a left turning lane starting aheas and the double splits into that.


I like option A better smile.gif

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With a thread titled 'Like an old pair of shoes...' I thought for sure, there would be a bad odor twist to this tale. But alas, it was only a hot tale...


Well done.


Mike O

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Out of focus? Where !!?? grin.gif


Define 'bland breakfast' please ?? grin.gifgrin.gif


Undercooked eggs, overcooked meat, and dry toast. For obvious reasons I am too traumatized to even write about the hashbrown potatoes.



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