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Autocom with B2B questions


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All fitted up grin.gif but not tested on the road yet.

I called Top Gear about some things and in conversation was told that the proper way to start up the system was start bike, turn on Autocom, then turn on the Kenwood B2B in that order. When I asked why no clear answerwas given. To follow this procedure I would have to remove pass seat every time dopeslap.gif as both live in the tail section.

Can anyone tell me why I was told this?? What harm, if any, will just starting bike and letting all the other stuff just come on.?? I have a relay to power these accessories now.

Thanks thumbsup.gif

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I let everything come up at once, it's all keyed to the ignition. Sometime I turn off the Kenwood radio, but everything else is automatic.

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my autocom is ingition keyed, and my kenwood comes on with the autocom as it is autocom powered, no problems, ever.


mine is pro-7 autocom by the way.

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John Bentall

Soem radios (e.g. my old Icom) will howl for a second through the headset if the whole lot comes at once. If I have the radio connected I start the Autocom and radio before plugging in.

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