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Disks for Refurb 2610


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I just got my refurbed Garmin 2610. It came with one disk (City Navigator North America V7). I've only had one cup of coffee this morning, but it sure looks like it's supposed to have two disks, the other one being MapSource Setup CD. (I don't know if it means anything, but the documentation refers to City Nav CD, and the jewel box calls it City Nav DVD.) Anyone out there able to shed any light? I'm too eager to get started to wait until Monday to talk to Garmin. Thanks. tongue.gif

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I got a refurb 2610 back in May.


It came with a DVD for City Nav 7.

However, when I tried to get a free update to version 8, Garmin said they'd discontinued free updates that week.


I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to wait for version 9 (now called 2008) and pay for the upgrade then.


When I ordered the 2008 update, they sent the disk, but they don't charge for the update until you try to activate it.


I was VERY pleased to see that when I went to activate it using the coupon code of the refurb unit (that I registered on May 5), the 2008 authorization codes was issued at NO CHARGE. It seems that they're updating at no charge for anyone who purchased/registered after May 1.


It was a great deal on the refurb 2610 (I already have another identical unit), and now adding the 2008 City Nav... it's all up to date.


So, if you just got your unit, register it, then order the 2008 DVD, and try to activate it... it's likely that you won't be charged for it. If it prompts you for a credit card, you can always decide not to activate it.


Eventually, I'll pay for an update for my other unit, but it's currently traveling with one of my sons, and I won't see it for months, so there's no rush.

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