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tank bag for 12rt


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I have the BMW tank bag and it is on its last legs. confused.gif I have found three options.

1. Chicane Canyon tank bag

2. Touratech 055-1154

3. BMW tank bag.

What do you think is the best tank bag and why? Also is the Chicane and the Touratech bags easy to get on and off the bike. I have been very happy with the BMW tank bag because of the mounting system. But the other bags look more functional. Thanks

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Since you have a worn out BMW bag with the trick mounting, how about permanently mounting the tank bag of your choice to the BMW mount. I seriously considered doing that to my almost-new bag since I would really like a very small bag with the BMW mount.

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Did the "on its last legs" BMW tank bag start its life on your 12RT, or instead on an earlier bike? Does it have the combo velcro/zipper mounting piece glued to the tank?

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You've probably already seen the suggestion around here that if you purchased the tank bag together with the bike itself then it should still be covered by the BMW 3-yr. warranty.

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Marsee 19l Pocket Rocket. Upside: well made, streamlined, expandable, doesn't interfere with turn signals. Downside: strap mounted, map window is finicky with those dumb ziplock thingys.


Way cheaper than BMW/Gucci.


I electrified mine with the powerlet kit, handy for gadgets.

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I love my BigMak tang bag. No straps or material touching the tank. I have both the small one and large one. Filling with gas easy is the best part.

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