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repairing a small cracked/broken piece of front fender


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I have the old style front fender on my R1100RT. I cracked the inside mounting hole that attaches the lower part of the fender to the fork and the right side. I need something (similar to JB Weld) were I can rebuild the integrity of the part. this is just a 6mm X 1.0 screw. but the crack/broken part is just big enough that the screw head pulls threw the opening.


If I made myself clear, and you have some suggestions please let me know.

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Jerry Johnston

I'd cote it pretty good with epoxy glue then drill a new hole thru the epoxy and maybe find a washer just slightly larger than the head of the screw to help from pulling just on the glue. Or look for a used one and have it painted to match. Sometimes you can buy them dirt cheap with the only real investment being the cost of painting.

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+1 on the epoxy, but I would use a Marine grade epoxy like West systems or System 3. You can stir in various additives that will change the consistency and give it greater strength.

Sand the part well and use something like Toluene to degrease and de-wax and the apply the epoxy paste mixture. Let it harden, then sand, drill, prime and paint or whatever you wish. smile.gif

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