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to much oil?


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just popped 1100rt on center stand.. engine was cool.. when i looked thru the glass i thought the level was empty.. just did a 2200 mile run.. i put approx 8oz in to try and level off.. i was wrong.. the level was full and not empty.. i know this becuase i started the bike, and after 2 minutes looked at the level, and it was halfway.. question.. did i ovefill? again, i put approx 8oz (not much) in... thank you.. Rich

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Change the oil and measure how much came out. Do this when the engine is hot. Refill with required amount according to manual. AND LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most common problem is over filling. Do You see oil on the ground when parked? Do you have oily residue on the rear of Your bike? Does it smoke alot? If You answered no to all of these ?s then You DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM. When You shut'er down for the day put Her on the center stand. The next A.M. check the glass. The oil level will vary slightly. In the sight glass,OK. Top of glass, too full. Bottom of glass too low. I have 30,000 mi on My 04'r1150r, I have always changed the oil @ 2,500 - 3,000 mi. Never uses more than 1/4 quart, in 3k mi. Never seen a drip,smoke,oily residue or any other reason to beleive it's using oil abnormally.


Relax, You own one of the finest machines on the face of this carbon based wasteland. Ride more worry less. dopeslap.gif

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If You answered no to all of these ?s then You DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM
Actually there is one more scenario of over fill, excessive oil mist into the air box. Drain the airbox if needed. There is a drain plug on the lower left rear corner of it.
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i only ran bike for approx 2-3 minutes after over filling.. so, i dont think i did any damage.. tomorrow i will let some oil out and NEVER do this again.. thank you..

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oil drain screw for an R1150 engine is shown here:




You might want to purchase a service manual. PDF versions are available.


Be aware that the drain plug is a hex-key (aka allen head) bolt. It kinda threw me the first time I changed my 1150's oil - every drain plug I'd ever encountered previously was a 14-17mm standard-head bolt. It'll almost give you the impression that it's recessed. But it's right there and easy to get to.

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drained about 2 cups worth of oil.. level is right in middle.. thanks.. dont know if 2 cups worth of oil could do any damage.. but now I'm good to go. thank you.

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