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Un rally routes


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I would just like to post a few notes about the Un rally routes,but before doing so,would like to thank several folks that helped.


Bobbybob especially,for jumping in and getting the routes in the correct format for posting, as well as sorting out the written directions and resolving problems.


Weebles for his contribution of unroute 153 and all the other local info he supplied.


Strechmark,for a bit of technical support.


and also thanks to the others that voluntered to help.



Just in case you have not figured it out,the route number indicates the total mileage of the route.


Un route GS 49


This route has a very short dirt section,just enough to get your tires dirty.............an maybe instill a little fear in your heart. lmao.gif.. You will wind your way down into the Gorge to the very tiny community of Thurmond.Before turning right you might want to cross the river and checkout the tiny Amtrak station on the other side before continuing on down the Thurmond-McDendree trail.

The trail itself is carved into the side of the gorge and comes out on Rt 41 for a few twisties before returning to 19.


If you are interested I can also show you a dirt road back to Thurmond,to make a loop.PM Me


Un Route 153


This route was provided by Weebles.It goes thru coal mining country.

Comments by Weebles

nice little descent to the Kanawha River at Deepwater over Deepwater Mountain.

[2]...usually lots of coal trucks on WV 94 between Racine and Marmet.

[3]...on the east side of this road, down near Barrett, up and out of sight is a HUGE mountaintop removal coal mine.

[4]...nice little mountain run up and over Bolt Mountain. (Everyone calls it Bolt Mountain, though its *real* name is Guyandotte Mountain.) There is a pulloff area on the left with a nice vista to the north. The town of Bolt is the birthplace of Little Jimmie Dickens (if anyone is old enough to know who he is).


Un Route 212


Mostly north of Fayvetteville,this route follows the south side of the Kanawha river and then reverses itself on the other.Shortly before turning north on Rt 16,make sure to pull over into the park to view the Kanawha falls.

The route then winds north to I-79 before turning south on RT 19 for a short ways and then turning on the Rt82.The is a little waterfall on 82 that should be marked on mapsource.

From there the, route winds south thru a number of small communities and eventually ends up on Rt 60



Un Route 262


This route runs to the northeast. W.VA secondary roads are a one paved lane with wide gravel shoulders and I included a section in this route for your riding pleasure. grin.gif If you should meet a car just move to the right side of the pavement and continue on,they are used to moving over and should be no problem.

This route also goes across scenic Rt 150 which is never ploughed in the winters.I have snowmobiled on 5-6 feet of snow in the winter here.From there we move on past Snowshoe Mtn and into Cass,home of a steam railway and from there its down to Marlington(cool eatery on the left as you hit the 39-219 intersection)Down thru the Greenbriar valley and then Rt60 back to Rt19.Great scenery


Un Route 292


Great route(goes into Va grin.gif) This route goes south past Pipestem Park,great views along the way and jumps on I-77 for a short ways to get thru the Princeton area quickly.

Route 61 will pass by the road to Burkes garden(the highest valley in Va,its a short side trip if you have time.There have been hundreds of photos posted on the net from here.)

At Tazewell be sure to stop and cinch down your helmet because your about to embark on a rollercoaster ride over the next two mountains on Rt16. (BTW please don't tell anyone about this road grin.gif)


Marion has several places for lunch and then its a little farther south thru the country side before turning north to hook up with Rt 52 across Big Walker Mountain and continuing untill we hit I-77 again for the trip past Princeton again and then your back on Rt19 (the twisty section) before the 4 lane part that leads you back to the campground.



we hope you enjoy the Rides clap.gif

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Thanks soooooooooooooooooo much to all for the work on this!!!


(except Mark, he still has much penance to do yet! grin.gif)

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Thanks Todd and all of you!


Would you care to rate each of the routes on degree of difficulty? Where 1 is your grandmother could do it the day after taking the MSF BRC, and 10 is even Freddie Spencer would get off and walk the bike. grin.gif

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