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Vectrix Electric Maxi-Scooter


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Last weekend I had a chance to test ride a Vectrix electric maxi-scooter. Normally I wouldn't even consider such a vehicle but at times riding the RT to work seems like killing a fly with a sledgehammer.


This video sums it up pretty well...



Some observations I wrote for another forum...


Overall pretty impressive. They're pretty peppy, merging onto the interstate might be a little dicey but probably no more so than in an eco-box car. Just around town it'd be absolutely perfect, of course. The regenerative braking thing was pretty neat and seemed to work OK to me. I only used that and never used the regular brake. Handling was scooter like, very nimble and light. Easy to counter steer and extremely well mannered at low speeds. You can also use the regen braking thing as a reverse which would make scooting it around in the garage or sneaking into tiny parking spots a breeze.


The fit and finish on the bike looks good too, if you spent $11k on one you probably wouldn't feel completely ripped off. Of course power and comfort wise it seems really similar to the Suzuki Burgman which only clocks in at $6k. So you're paying a $5k premium to save mother earth, but whats $5k to a guilty hippy anyway? ;)

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Of course power and comfort wise it seems really similar to the Suzuki Burgman which only clocks in at $6k.


Maybe in comparison to a Burgman 250 (which we don't have in the US.) It gives up huge amounts of storage and about 30 MPH in top-speed to a Burgman 400, to say nothing of the 650.

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I was reading about these electric scooters recently, I'm very interested in electric vehicles. I was surprised to see that the UK's distributor is 500 yards down the lane from my workshop. They certainly look great but I think I would prefer the hybrid, especially if they can be ridden just on electric for short journeys and then charged from the socket.


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but whats $5k to a guilty hippy anyway? ;)



Wow man, far out tongue.gif


Uh,hey man,there's like something I'm supposed to feel bad about, but just can't remember what confused.gif




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