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Brake/Clutch hieght adjustment R1200RT?


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How can you adjust the hieght of the brake lever and clutch lever on the 2007 R1200RT? I want to rotate them on the bars so the levers are facing down more. It looks like you can loosen the torx bolt and it would spin, but I'm not sure.



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On my 05 I loosened the torx bolt inside the handlebar tube and used a rubber mallet to strike the reservoirs. This worked well but you must check the clearence. The tabs by the hoses had to be ground off of one side but I do not remember which side it was.

A little adjustment goes a long way.

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On the clutch side you need to pull the switch gear to expose the screw fastening the controls to the handlebar. A Phillips and a Torx screw from what I remember.


I would imagine the brake side would be similar.

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