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Mille Miglia. Blooming Heck!

John Dickens

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John Dickens

We've just got back from our 3 weeks in Europe.

This time we covered the route of the 1955 Mille Miglia.


How the hell Stirling Moss did it in 10 hours is beyond me. What a driver he must have been (along with Jenks pace notes).


It's a combination of tight twisty mountain hairpins like the Futa and Raticosa passes then flat out straights for mile after mile just waiting for something to go bang.




That's me on the RT. My friend Pete is on the PC. The wives are taking the pictures.


We also took in the Moto Guzzi museum at Mandello Del Lario on the shore of Lake Como






How's that for a V8? 500cc, DOHC, eight 22mm carbs stacked together in the V.




Great trip apart from a rear punture which needed a new tyre and a low speed off on Diesel which broke off the LH riders footpeg.

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What a great ride and these pictures are realy nice. Blooming Heck, well, I think it all right to say, I don't think there will be any "special board meetings" on that one. lmao.gif

The avitar may get a second look though. grin.gif

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I'm even more impressed if at the Moto Guzzi Museum that the truck driver reversed into that position!!!!


Must be the truck driver in me but that was my first thought also.


Thanks! thumbsup.gif

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