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dealer never showed me how to get seat off 1100rt


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...and if at any time you don't find your bike key, it's right there under the tail light grin.gif


OMG You were watching me stumble around looking for mine the other day!! blush.gif

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Once rear seat is off, front seat lifts off and has three height adjustments. Front of front seat 'hooks' onto black knurled knobs. You can push/pull these knobs to place knob's metal bracket in one of three different grooves; back of front seat seeks (on its own) the correct half circle hollow for seat's rear posts.



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After you have both sections of the seat off, review what other tools you might carry in addition to the regular tool kit. Like a sears ball-end allen wrench set, vice-grips, a couple of wrenches, some electrical connectors and electrical tape, etc. The pillon seat goes on last, if you push down firmly on it, you will hear it "click", this is your assurance that it is engaged.

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