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Hanging with N8!!!


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Went over to Alabama to watch Nate Kern race in the A.R.S.A races on Sat 11th.

What can you say about this guy, other then he is the most down to earth racer you could ever meet. He is not too bad on the racetrack either. I'm proud that he represents BMW. Temps were in the hundreds. The track temps were about 145 degrees F. This was not the easiest racing conditions as you could imagine.

Results for N8, from the weekend



1st SuperTwins

2nd CCS Thunderbike

5th Middleweight Grand Prix



1st CCS Thunderbike (2nd-Estok)

2nd ASRA Thunderbike (1st-Estok)


Here is nate coming in from practice early in the morning.



Hanging in the paddock.



Getting ready to head out and kick some major *ss


Sitting on pole waiting for launch.


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Jim VonBaden

I've spent a fair amount of time with Nate, and can honestly say he is one of the most approachable riders I have met.


Not only that, he rides like no one else on the BMW!


Jim cool.gif


PS Yes I know about Brian Parriot, but who actually know's him like Nate?


PPS He is also a member of our local club!

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Jim VonBaden
Wasn't he recently in the hospital after a bad crash? Dudes a machine.


He sure was, and raced VIR less than a month later and won!


His leg had a chunk out of it, his wrist had pins in it, and he broke a couple ribs, in his back.


After the first race he had to have help getting off the bike, but he qualified and went out an hour later and won! thumbsup.gif


From that race!



After chillin with his peeps, and supporters.






Jim cool.gif

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