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Brake Pads


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Any suggestions regarding discount brake pads for the R12RT? I assume all 12RTs are the same, but if not I have a 2005. Thanks.

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I'd expect that Galfer or EBC makes some pads for BWM's. It's check their websites.


For EBC, they recommend only sintered HH pads on front (FA335HH) and organic or sintered for the rear (FA363 or FA363HH).


I'd expect these to be quite a bit cheaper than the BMW pads and might give a little better feedback and inital bite. Although rotor wear might increase.

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I just mounted SBS, Scandinavian Brake System, pads on the R12RT. The front pads number is 1721-0433 and the rear is 1722-0068. Both are sintered. The front pads were $36/pair and the rear were $35/pair.


They brake well and feel good at the lever with predictable progression. I only have 2k miles on them so can't speak to their longevity. I have noticed the rims have not accumulated brake dust as they did with the oem's.

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Jim VonBaden
I'm using the EBC's on the back of my '05 and don't feel difference from the originals.


Same here, and they seem to be lasting like stock, but less brake dust.


Jim cool.gif

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