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98 R1100RT Front Brake Lever Removel


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HELP!!!! I am trying to re-build the front brake MC but I am stuck or should I say the lever bolt is stuck and stripped. I tried turning while tapping with a hammer, heat to ease the threadlock and still no luck. This is a standard counter clockwise turning isn't it? thanks confused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif

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i don't see a nut at the bottom. from whatI can tell, the bolt ends inside the master cylinder. there is a little dome inside there which i assume is the end of the bolt.

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Is it the bolt the brake lever pivots on (5 in the image below) that appears stripped or the screw with the rod that actuates the piston (part #7)?




If the problem your having is getting part 5 out, the spring collar (part 6) fits tightly into the handle. Once you have loosened the screw you can grab it with a pair of pliers and pull it out of the handle. You can then slide the handle with the piston screw still in it out of the master cylinder. The piston screw is locktited but usually isn't a problem to remove. If you have trouble a little heat will take care of it.

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