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Do Evaporative Cooling Vest Wear Out

Ken H.

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It seem like my 3-4 year old one doesn't stay saturated very long anymore. Do the crystals in them dissolve away over time? Especially if left in water too long?

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Everything wears out dosen't it?


If the vest is not bulking up like it used to then it's worn. The crystals are sacrificial and give their lives to keep you cool wave.gif


Research EDIT


I can't find exact info on wear rate but one source said the remain 95% effective after five years... but that's when used in soil. If you wish to look into it further punch in polyacrylamide crystals into your favorite search bot.

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Funny you should ask, I went to dinner with a guy that was talking about that same thing. Oh wait, that was you Ken. Sorry can't help, good luck. wave.gif

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