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Going OUT in "style"....


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Well, there'll be at least one person in the procession for whom the loud pipes won't be obnoxious.

Don't know so much, The ones I heard this weekend could wake the dead grin.gif


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Well the target 'market' is obvious. Kind of sad there has to be a specialty hearse for bikers. But I agree it's a creative, well done piece of work.

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We have a similar service in the UK, though the 'Faster Pastor' who started the service does not like using a trailer, he has a fleet of sidecar hearses. The fleet includes Triumphs, a Harley and a Hayabusa which can be used to "do a Ton" with the deceased if a suitable stretch of private road can be found.


Motorcycle Funerals



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Was driving on the highway today. A ton of bikes - mostly Harleys and various other "ape hangers". The attached caught my attention.


Figured it fit in this thread.

[/end hijack]


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