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You mind summarizing?
Some people in the BMWMOA want to build a clubhouse. Others don't.


Slightly more detail:


A guy is willing to donate some land and a building to the BMWMOA. However, the building is gonna cost some to restore. And it would take a lot of donations to do so. And it's 60-75 miles outside of Wichita. The idea has been raised of putting/relocating BMWMOA headquarters in the building (from St. Louis). The Pres and Jeff Dean seem to be opposed to it. It will cost a lot.

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I've read the threads and offer the following opinions and observations.


- It's admirable that someone would (want to) donate a building and land to the MOA. I don't particularly read any selfishness from the owner nor any hidden agenda. Just someone wanting to advance riding and its community.


- I understand the logistics of moving and having the HQ away from a major metropolitan area. Not only are solid business infrastructure required (banks, etc) but also a populous of folks from which to hire for staffing of the organization (the town where this school building is located as a pop. of 40). I think moving MOA HQ's there is a BIG challenge not only short term but not in the business interest of MOA HQ. I agree with Dave Swindler.


- As for a ride center (as is part of MOA Foundation), I, for one think it's an interesting idea for MOA Foundation to continue to pursue. Having said that, is Elmdale, Ks (between Wichita and Topeka) a destination folks would travel to on a regular basis? Having never been there, I can't say.


- Jeff Dean's responses could have been a bit more gracious rather than his terse 'put your money where your keyboard is'. I'm disappointed...


- Very few of the membership have voiced an opinion. And rightfully so. There are a LOT of unanswered questions (cost, time, ownership, logistics, etc.)


- For this sort of project to take off, it will require far more than just a generous donation of property and building. In order for any Foundation to accept this as a project, (and to further the 'dream' of this person to see his schoolhouse become a destination the membership would embrace) requires: A full project proposal be presented to the MOA Foundation.


While an online forum can generate interest and provide discussion points, it's naive to think ANY foundation would accept such a project moving forward without sound financials. Sure it's only the beginning, but I got a sense from the thread(s) that there was some expectation of overwhelming approval (even a poll) to move this forward. I for one couldn't throw my support behind this with such little information as is being provided in those threads.


Having said this, I applaud "thomasseigler" for his generosity and his dream!!


Mike O

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- Jeff Dean's responses could have been a bit more gracious rather than his terse 'put your money where your keyboard is'. I'm disappointed...


Disappointed, maybe. But unless you've not spent much time around his online persona, you'd have no right to be surprised. grin.gif

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