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Jesse Luggage?


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I was wondering if anyone would recommend Jesse Luggage? I sold my originals for my R1200GS ADV and wanted differant ones. I know they just came out with the safari and was thinking about trying them


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I have a 2005 F650GS and I have put 15,000 miles on it with Jesse Bags. Awesome. I am a true fan of top loading boxes. The Jesse's hold a lot of s*&%t! I just got back from a trip to Shaver Lake, CA where I did a lot of off-road riding. Found out I am not as good in the real soft stuff as I remember myself being 20 years ago. Dropped the bike 3 times on one nasty trail. The Jesse bag on the right took the brunt of all the falls. Some scratches, a small divit but no dents or deformities. The mounting hardware was a little bent but the bags stayed mounted solidly for the 350 mile trip back home. Straightened the mounting hardware when I got back and everything was back to normal. These bags are strong, waterproof, and hold 1/3 more than the bags on my R1200RT. What they do not have in looks, they more than make it up in performance.


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Excellent luggage. Mine have been to Alaska (below), Nova Scotia, and about 25 states. They have an extremely strong mounting setup (unlike the flimsy BMW bags and their mounting setup) but can leak if the rubber seal is not aligned perfectly. Mine have stayed dry. thumbsup.gif



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A riding buddy with a GS got the BMW bags, but I can't tell you how many time he says he wishes he got the Jesse. Go with the Jesse bags!

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Jim VonBaden
I just got my Jesse Safari bags. Boy they are wide. I sold my 10 inch Jesse bags, I am sorry I think. Joeconfused.gif


If you change your mind, I'd be happy to switch with you, plus some cash of course! thumbsup.gif


Jim cool.gif

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