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Need help with R1200RT factory seat measurement


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I am having a problem with the stock seat on my 07 RT and would greatly appreciate it if one of you could make a measurement for me. The problem is that when in the tall position which I prefer, the buffers on the rear of the seat will be pushed into the lower mount on the frame which makes the seat tilt upward in the front. When i install the seat, and before putting any weight on it I can measure about 3/8" between the buffer and the rear part of the upper mount. I am trying to determine if I have a defective seat or if the mounts were somehow welded improperly at the factory. SO, the measurement that I have (with the front seat support rod in the upper possition)is 9 13/16" from the rear of the support rod buffer to the rear of the upper frame mount. I appreciate those of you who will run out to your RT for this emergency. I will be taking the RT to the dealer on Tuesday and would like as much ammo as possible.



Everett, WA

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