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2008 BMW's - Price Reduction in Canada?


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BMW reduced the price of most bikes in Canada for 2007. The Canadian $$$ is even stronger now than it was last year. I just read in a forum that Porsche is reducing the price of its cars for 2008 by 10%. Any chance BMW may do the same for 2008 in Canada?

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We can only hope that prices will be reduced in Canada. I was talking to the owner of SM Island Cycle BMW in Victoria, BC last year. He said dealers from across Canada were applying pressure to BMW to reduce MSRP as there are noticeable numbers of Canadians importing BMW motorcycles from the U.S.


The same applies to Porsche (as you noted) and other car manufacturers.


But don't hold your breath. One of the big risks these importers have in significantly reducing their MSRPs because of the strong Cdn dollar is angering the customers who bought their bikes at the higher price.


Also, the Cdn dollar has gained strength to the U.S. dollar. I don't know how the Cdn dollar has fared against the DM, unless BMW Canada does all its financial planning in U.S. dollars.


From the BMW corporate 'big picture', I've heard that the President of BMW Canada (automobile operations) recently said in a speech here in Edmonton that BMW Canada has experienced something like 13 years of record sales.


With BMW auto sales being very strong, and the Canadian economy showing no signs of weakening soon, it would be easy to see that from an overall corporate perspective, the company would have no or little incentive to reduce prices.


Time will tell. I'm hoping MSRPs continue to be adjusted lower, too.



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Not likely!! but we can only hope.


Here is the latest ploy from BMW Canada to help dealers stop the flow of bikes from the USA.


They are working on some kind of "recalls all clear" letter on any bike you want to register in Canada. Of course this requires the support of government so that you MUST have the letter prior to being able to register the bike in Canada.


Here is the kicker..... the letter will cost at least $500 and maybe more.


Don't know how this ploy has worked so far but they have been working on it since June 2007.


Time will tell.

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As far as a recalls all clear, this has been the Transport Canada policy for a number of years. If there is a recall, you must produce proof that the work has been completed before the bike can be imported. eg. the snowflake wheel recall on early 80's airhaeds.

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