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Convert a K75s to an rt?


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Without a donor bike the cost would prohibitive. Otherwise, I think the change can be made. Why not just look for a clean RT?



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Aside from the fairing and bars, you would also need to swap the tank. The K75RT is larger, same as K100, and with the S tank you'd have a big gap between the inner knee panels and tank.


The radiators are different too so you'd need to swap that to have the fairing fit on it properly.


Next you'd need to do all of the cables and the brake line from the maaster cylinder when you swapped bars.


So you have to find all of those parts as well as a fairing and spend mondo time doing the conversion.


Save yourself much aguish and money. Sell the S and buy an RT - that's BY FAR the easiest and cheapest way to go.


It is physically possible though and has been done.



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