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I know this has probably been beat to death, but I have an 06 R1200RT. I had 9500 miles on it and changed the tires due to going on a long trip. Would have got about 11000 miles from the michelins. Put on avon storm st's and they are about gone at 7000 miles. Back to michelins or anybody know of something better. Mostly highway riding as curves are hard to come by in Texas. Thanks, Steve.

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I tried a few sets of these on my KRS. I get a distributor deal and write up reports on wear and mileage. I worked for 6 years at Bridgestone with new developing tires, so I've seen a few brands in my days. Maxxis is a new division of Cheng Shin tires and some of my Bridgestone buddies work there now. Before all you snobby purists start bashing them, try a set. Too many times people shoot their mouths (keyboards) off with nothing but pure BS to back them. They're close to a BT-020 but I think I would give the nod to Maxxis on my KRS (no running on an RT yet). As soon as the Pilots wear out, I'm putting these on for a spin. I get them for free about every other set. Typical wear pattern. Middle of the rear wears and the front starts a wear pattern worth replacing after two rears wear out. Just my two worthless cents. eek.gifeek.gif (mumbles heard in background about chinese tires on a german motorcycle) eek.gifeek.gif

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