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Excellent solution for gravel drive/carport - No Horses**t!


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From a post of mine a few months back on a different forum (when I had an F650):


I've got a gravel drive and my bike storage is under a carport with a gravel base. I've been struggling with this for months. It's just about impossible to turn the bike around within the carport and it is impossible for one person to back it up - the wheels just plow in the gravel. I thought about those interlocking tiles advertised for garage floors but they are thin and small and don't work well over a gravel base. I wandered into a Ranch & Home store the other day and this wonderful cowgirl showed me the most excellent solution - Horse Stall Mats!!! These are 4ft x 6 ft mats, 3/4 inch thick made of hard rubber. Straight edge mats are the most common but there are also mats available with interlocking edges. I got a set of these and now have two 12 ft by 12 ft hard surfaces under my carport. Works like a charm. These have a 15 year warranty and are designed to withstand a 2,000 lb horse standing on four hooves for the better part of a day and are impervious to horse piss so I'm thinking my bike and whatever fluids my bike may drip are of little consequence. You won't find these in a big box home improvement store but all the farm stores I called carried them - I just had to call several to find an interlocking set. Here's a link to one manufacturer, you can Google Horse Stall Mats and you'll find others: Horse Stall Mats


The update:


So it's been about four months. Just thought I'd report that the horse stall mats have been an ideal solution for me in my gravel carport. They are heavy enough to lay flat and not move at all; I ride in and out every day. Very nice - I can easily "duck walk" my R12ST around the carport as I wish. I drive in, do a "three point turn" in less than a minute (or pop it up on its centerstand and pivot it around) and I am pointed, out ready for tomorrow.

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