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Fairing Removal for '06 R1200RT


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Being a newbie to this bike.. I need some help taking the Tupperware off my bike. Does anybody have home instructions (pictures help) to remove the fairings?


Thanks in advance.

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Found This Link on the Touratech site for instructions on Tupperware removal to install their oil cooler guard (reference found in another link here). I'm not endorsing their product, but it is a good illustrated walk-through. wave.gif

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If you dont have a reply by later today, I'll send you some instructions from the CD, but I am at work and have the CD at home. Check e-bay for the repair CD, since you are tinkering it might be helpful. Cheap! Doing service on my RT I have the laptop with the CD running in my workshop.

(BTW, I am ok to browse the internet during work, I am the boss, so no comments on that issue please.)


Ride safely



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There's a typo in those instructions; which I only noticed after the 40 min. edit window had passed. For the tools required it lists a T24 torx driver; it should be a T25. If any of the Admins/Moderators are able to change that, it's okay by me.

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