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Notice to South Cal, Nevada and Utah members.


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We are leaving tonight (Friday) , from San Diego, utilizing a trailer. I think that we are heading up 15 to Montana. If you break down, call me at 760 492-6534. I may be able to give you a bike off the trailer, (depends on your abilities) and get your bike to SLC or equivelent. You just never know. We will be in Montana by mid Saturday though. The people that are coming to mind are Laney from LA and Kathy out of LV. But, you don't have to be female to be rescued. grin.gif

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Thanks dear. I'm at Gleno's...got in last night. We're fine tuning my incredibly CLEAN bike and I'll be leaving outa here with the Twiss clan around dinner time...getting north a bit in the evening.


My cell phone is in the FREAKING Taxi Cab in Chicago dopeslap.gifgrin.gif and Dave is overnighting it to Cody for me. We'll have the Twiss cell phone and will ping you if problems come up.


If any of you coming to Cody don't know anyone...well, get ready. Because by the time you go home you are going to have a full heart and 150 new best friends.




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