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Great road for you GS riders


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I don't know how many of you subscribe to Men's Journal, but you should definitely pick up the current issue (August '04, with Lance Armstrong on the cover), which features several articles on Montana in something they call "The Ultimate Guide to Montana." That's hyperbole, of course, but there are some interesting bits in there.


One in particular talks about a jeep trail called the Lulu Pass Trail Rd. It starts about two miles before Cooke City (on the east side), heading north off of Hwy 212. I've been over the 212 dozens of times, and for some reason I never noticed that road. Anyway, the pictures looked awesome, and I thought you GS guys might get a kick out of it. If you've got MS Streets & Trips, just zoom in on Cooke City and you can't miss it (or search for Lulu Pass Trail Rd.)

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