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Anyone have the J & M Integratr IV??


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I'm thinking about buying a J & M Integratr IV comm system to use for music, GPS, and cell phone. Anyone have any experience with this relatively new product, or know anyone who has?? TIA wave.gif

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I am also looking for a said device. However which is a better unit, the J&M or the AutoCom. Any insight or advice would be great. Thanks.



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I had looked at the J&B for their CB set-up. Looked nice and works well I have heard , But , you had to use all J&B connectors and headset and any adaptors. If the rest of your outfit is already J&B may be fine.

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Ok, i finally had to sign up just so that I could add my comments to this thread. Add 60 cents or so to these thoughts and you will have enough to buy a can of pop. For the past 4 weeks i've been the happy owner of a R1200RT and a brand new bike rider and have the J&M Integratr 4, J&M helmet speakers and a Garmin Nuvi 660 (yes, it is not waterproof but i all ready owned it). Finally this weekend i summoned up the guts to try riding with the Integratr 4.


So, admittedly, after just a few hours, i'm a very happy customer of the Integratr. In fact, at this early stage, the only complaint i have is that the rubber covers for the ports are a joke. They don't stay closed so i'm wondering what damage will be done if they get rained upon.


One feature (?) is that the built in radio has 3 controls. Volume, scan up and scan down. It would have been nice to have some presets but then again, my prime goal is to arrive in one piece and lots of buttons could be a distraction. The Nuvi is also an MP3 player so i ripped some CD's and downloaded them. The sound was very good if you factor out the helmet wind noise. To get stereo sound, the Nuvi had to be plugged into the Aux port, not the Nav one which only gives sound in the right speaker. This could be a problem in that if you have the Integratr 4 set to the internal radio, you will miss the voice driving direction prompts.

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