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VA lawmakers say "Ooops! My bad!!" on violator fees

John in VA

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VA GOP Lawmakers to Reassess Fees for Driving Infractions After Outcry


RICHMOND, July 12 -- Virginia Republican leaders, faced with growing opposition to the "abusive driver" fees that went into effect July 1, said Thursday that they will consider scrapping some of them when the General Assembly convenes in January.


...Because of what legislators call an "error" and a "mistake," the fees also can be assessed on motorists who are convicted of less serious offenses. The surcharges did not receive much attention when lawmakers approved them Feb. 24., but the reaction has been overwhelmingly negative since Virginia residents learned about the fees this month.


"As a part-time legislature, we will make mistakes, and we will have to correct them," said House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith (R-Salem), who wants to revisit which misdemeanors the fees cover.





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