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J&M 2003 compatibility to K1200LT


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Hi folks. At long last I have gotten off the Harley ride and onto a technically beautiful piece of equipment. 2005 K1200LT Lovin it!!


For starters my first question is simple: Can a J&MCB-2003 be connected into the BMW audio system?? The previous owner of the bike (18,000 miles) had installed the system but to my chagrin (parlance for me being an ignorant nimrod)I have found out after the fact that he had not integrated the BMW sound system. Thus no transmission from the BMW radio/cd into the J&M system.


Found this out after taking the clothing off the bike. Trying to speak with someone at J&M has been a weeks effort in futility.


Looking for some good people with good honest experienced tech input.


Thanks in advance,



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