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R1200 RTA - What does the "A" mean?


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Can anyone englighten me about exactly what a R1200 RTA is? I have a 2006 R1200 RT that was just totalled for me by a friend and am in the market again.

I assume the "A" in RTA means Agency, but exactly how is it different that my bike? (The one I am looking at is a 2005)

Saw an A model on display at the International Motorcycle Show in Ft Worth in Nov 06 with all these neat looking lights flashing all over it and it looked alot "meaner" than mine with crash bars, flashing beacons, etc, however the BMW salesman said that whomever purchased it would have to take all the special lights off before putting it on the street.

Would appreciate your help and advice on the differences between mine and the RTA.

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No difference whatsoever. The "A" after a model # means it has ABS. Since all 1200RT's have ABS, then no difference.

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I agree that the A has stood for ABS in the past....however, I think I have also seen it occasionally used for the police bike or "Authority" designation as well. Authority bikes I have seen in the past had the stronger dual sport wire wheels from the GS (R1100 alloy wheels were known to crack on occasion) and also had a thermostatically controlled fan that pulled air through the oil cooler when the bike was sitting with the engine running for extended periods. Probably some other mechanical mods as well .....maybe shocks??

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