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Beautiful Banff, Alberta


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I just came back from a 4 day trip to Banff and thought I would share a few photos.

The company I am employed with sent me to the national convention held in Banff so it was an all expenses paid working lmao.gif holiday.

I live aprrox 6 hrs west of Banff so it's an easy ride.

We had an afternoon free so of course I took off on the RT and headed to Kananaskis Country



I tried to get into Lake Louise also but the traffic was unbelievable so I gave up and went back to Banff.

When I was leaving Kamloops I saw a 1978 CB750 identical to my old bike except for the flames. Brings back some great memories



Anyone heading to Banff this summer should be aware the main street is all ripped up to replace the underground services. Traffic is just a little bit crazy.

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Wow! Great pictures and wonderful landscape. Wish I had something like that at 6 hours riding from here..... I'd do it every week! smile.gif

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Paul Mihalka

Beautiful! It's about 40 hours sitting on the bike for me, but I still visited a couple of times... well worth it!

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I am glad my wife didn't see these pictures, othewise I know where I would spend next summer...


(Great Photos!) cool.gif

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Wow Tim, What great pics




If you want to relive your past I can help you lurker.gif


I got that same bike in my shop just waiting for someone to rebuild it. wink.gif

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