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Vent screw


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as you know just got my 2001 RT-P

took it out today for the 1st time it has sat for the last couple months I am sure. I noticed that the front brake fluid was a little low so I filled it. and off I went did about 150 miles on highway and city. got home checked the fluid still full. went all over the bike checking things out, then I notice there was brake fluid on the caliper, and it looks like it is coming out of the ventilation screw, there is no dust cap on it. does anyone know what is going on with it.



By the way I went on a&s website to get the names of the parts.

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Robert, I believe you are talking about the caliper bleeding screw. Is fluid coming out the top, or around the threads? Either way, it's gotta be loose ?

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Put a 7mm box end wrench on it and give it a bit of a tightening. Careful! It's not impossible to break a bleeder off. If that doesn't stop it you likely need a new bleeder. They're only a couple of dollars.

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that did the trick I will keep an eye on it.as you can see I am not the most mechanical person. But I do love to ride bikes and this RT was a dream to ride today. just wish I did not wait till I was 42 to start riding. but when my kids where young and at home I did not have much time for anything but them. now I can ride the bike and visit them in college.


Thanks again and mark thanks for the help to.

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Wipe off any of the brake fluid you can and then and wash everything down. Brake fluid is corrosive and very bad for painted surfaces.

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