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Monument Valley Ride at Sunset!


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I arrived at the concept for this video a week ago, and I wanted to keep those thoughts and images before they faded. I wanted to capture the spirit of why we do it on this ride at sunset through one of America's great treasures.


The things you can witness if you just take the time. In my eye there is nothing like a Monument Valley sunset on a perfect day.



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Thanks for the video. I LOVE Monument Valley. Last September after Torrey I had a chance to show it to Mary. We saw it in the morning which shows you a whole set of different colors vs. sunset. 3 years ago I went through there with another friend and there is no doubt the best time IMHO to see the colors is at sunset. We camped just above Gouldings hotel which gives you an unobstructed view of the valley between two mountains. Thanks again.

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