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2007 K1200GT Seat Mod Report (mods for other beemers as well)


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I rode 330 miles from LA to Hollister, CA on Friday. My butt was pretty sore after the ride up, even with the Alaska Buttpad on my bike. The buttpad is really helpful in eliminating the hot spots from my thighs/buttcheeks. However, it doesn't do much for the poor support offered by the cheap injection-molded foam in my stock seat.


While at the Harley Rally, I went into a booth for custom Harley Seats by Bar Enterprises. They had about 100 custom Harley seats in their booth, as well as a big sign advertising modifications to your stock seat while you wait.


I gave them the stock heated seats from my K1200GT. They shaved off the top 1/2" to 1" of foam from the seat, then worked in 1/2" to 1" thick layer of their Millennium foam into each seat. I even remembered to take a couple of pics while they did the rear seat (forgot when they did the front seat), in case anyone is interested in the pictures. They charged me $255 total for the work (cash price), and believe me I grumbled as I hit up the ATM to pay these guys. Their website shows similar pricing for 2-up Harley seats, so at least I wasen't fleeced more than normal.


The 330 miles back to Los Angeles were a bit easier. I got home around 11pm. My butt was about 40% less sore than after the ride up to Hollister. My back & butt feel awfully good this morning after a total of 750 miles in 2 days.


Q: Do you think $255 is worth it for the 40% reduction in discomfort/butt pain? I do!


BTW, both seats heated up just fine after the work was done. The seat heat comes from a little pad inset into the seat, with some coil running thru the pad. I have pics that I would post, but I can't figure how to post a bunch of inline pics.


The Millennium Foam from this place is pretty cush. Makes my bike a heck of a nicer long distance ride.


They said they could do the same thing to any other beemer seat. You can call them to arrange shipping, or if you live close enough to Sunland (a small crappy city near Los Angeles), then you can probably arrange to ride over and have your seats done while you wait.


All in all, I realllyyyyy recommend this if you like your stock seat shape, but want a top-quality, long distance foam inside of your seat.


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