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Warning Light On - Help....


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Hey all,


Scott, from Troy, TX, here with a problem to run by everyone to see if I can resolve it.


I have an '02 RS with 4600 miles. Yesterday while riding my warning light (red triangle next to the brake failure light) came on. Needless to say, I pulled over and checked everything I could - oil, brake fluid, etc, etc.


Here is what happens, when I start the bike, everything starts as it should, and the warning light only comes on when I engage either brake lever. I do not get a brake failure light, and have not seen any leaking fluid anywhere on the bike. Also, my crusie control no longer works.


Everything else runs as normal - engine temp, power, brakes, etc. Engine oil is at a normal level in the sight window, and the orange float in the brake reservoir is just above the min level.


So, does anyone who knows more about these great machine than I do know what could cause a warning light when depressing the brakes? and cause the cruise control to not function?


Thanks for anything you can tell me.




'02 K1200RS Black

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