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Too much wind noise ? No more......


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With my 6-foot-and-a-bit and my Nolan flip-up I always had quite a lot of wind noise in my ears.. even with my ear plugs in.

Over the years I discovered that if I would duck just 2 or 3 centimeters, he noise would be a lot less....... but I couldn't ride in that position of course.


After reading lots of posts and web sites regarding 'after market' windscreens I decided that our trip to Germany to visit friends of ours would be an excellent excuse to go just an hour further south, find Wunderlich GmbH and buy me a new and LARGER screen.


And so we did.....




Ummmm..... I forgot to tell Nina that it would cost 214 Euros.... must have completely slipped my mind. Ahem.

Oh, and she didn't need to hold my credit card for me.... Wunderlich does NOT have a shop there, really. That was a bit of a bummer.

Just a front desk, you ask them what you want (or reserved, in my case), they go in the back into the storage area, and deliver it on the desk.

Oh well..... back to the catalogue!


I bought me their Marathon Screen.... higher and wider than the original 1150 RT one (which I scratched badly last year) and transported it home in the Jeep.


Last weekend I screwed it in place (see pictures) and today Nina and I rode to Amsterdam to test it.


With gale force winds blowing from the west, this was a good test. And a successful one..... noise is largely gone, I can still look OVER the screen (not in its highest position).... so ALL IS WELL!


Here's some pictures:


This is the original one.....





and the new one.......




Here is the ONLY tool needed to swap the screens.....




Just unpacking it... with Nina shouting to me to take that junk off her garden table !!




The two screens side by side..... showing I will NEVER be a professional products photographer lmao.giflmao.gif

I pictured the shadows !!


The bottom one is the new screen




That was an easy job. 4 screws, washers were still 'okay', but I had 4 new ones too. Cleaned the plastic strips a bit.... screen fitted perfectly and the noise is gone !




Francois wave.gif

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Francois, As usual, great pictures. I have the z technic windshield on my 1200RT and you can notice a difference about wind noise. I did have to replace it with the original screen in June. It gets too hot with the bigger shield so I will use til Fall then put the Z technic back on. It will be interesting to here your experience with that huge shield.

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We have a 4000 km trip planned next week..... with lots of Autobahn to start and finish with (meaning 90 mph travel speeds). In between are Alpine rides with 20-30 mph trips mainly..... I am curious too ! smile.gif

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Gary too is tall and first thing he did when he got his GS is add a Wundererlich Vario windshield. Made such a huge difference that he added one to my bike this year. Great product and company. I've since added Wunderlich Flooters for lights and am ordering a set for his bike today. Wunderlich makes some pretty cool stuff.

Have a great time on your trip and can't wait for the pics.


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Nina and I took the opportunity of ONE day of less worse weather last weekend to ride to Amsterdam. It was STORMING and I was afraid the new screen could be blown off ! smile.gif


It held, no problems.


Meanwhile I have found out that indeed the excess wind noise I had in my helmet is now gone, just by turning the new screen up some 2 centimeters compared to the maximum height of the stock screen.


I can still easily look OVER it (don't like looking through 3 layers of plastic !) and turning it higher up doesn't make any difference.


Nina says she doesn't feel a difference on the pillion seat, which is good and bad. At least it is not WORSE than the stock seat, but it doesn't do her any good either.


We rode with our regular speed of about 87 mph and with the wind noise gone I had no problems hearing Nina in my earphones. That was a problem before when going over 70 mph or so. I am slightly deaf AND wear earplugs... and the speakers are rather DEEP in my helmet.


So..... so far I am extremely happy with the investment.


Now.... how to get all that gear packed in only 3 cases..... confused.gif



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