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Loose shifter between 4th and 5th


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04 Roadster, 21800mi...


Lately, maybe once or twice a ride, the shifter will flop around after going into 5th...you can move it up and down (just like after engaging 6th gear) but the bike is definitely in 5th gear. Probably happened 6~8 times in the last year.

No audible noise or such, and the 4th-to-5th change is smooth.

Just that the shifter flops around. I lower the revs and after a couple of seconds it drops in, solid as usual.


It does this only in the 4th>5th change. The shifter looks to be adjusted OK, and everything seems tight down there.

Any ideas?? HES? PTR?? What?? dopeslap.gif

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If you're sure it's not loose external linkage, a bent or worn internal shift lever is the next best guess. Unfortunately = high $$. Sorry. frown.gif

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Thanx, Ken...I guess. frown.gif


You think I should park the bike until it gets repaired??

I mean...given the fact that the bike is in 5th (how solidly I dunno) when this happens...what's the chance that it will pop out of gear?

It's an 04...26months old & 22k miles. I don't beat on it by any stretch so I'm thinking it should be a warrantee thing...

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It's an 04...26months old & 22k miles. I'm thinking it should be a warrantee thing...

That's the key right there - let the dealer sort it out.
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