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Lowering a 2007 R1200RT with ESA


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I have a 1200rt that I just love. I have both a standard seat and low seat, as well as a Corbin. I love the Corbin for distance riding. Unfortunatley, I have what appears to be the common problem of an inseam that is just about an inch too short to be comfortable in busy traffic. My other dilemma is that I really like the position of my legs with the higher seat.


I know I have the option of having a custom seat made that will still give some good support (how good on a long haul I don't know) but I am afraid if I do so the distance to the pegs will shorten and not be as comfortable on long rides. Besides the butt pain, this is another problem with the low seat.


Another option I have heard of is having the bike lowered via the shocks (Works Performance, for one). Not cheap but this could bring me a bit closer to the ground without losing the stretch. Clearance may be an issue. By the way, I have ESA and would want to preserve it.


Has anyone tried to work through this and if so, would you mind giving some insight?

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I haven't yet but the parts are on order. Stayed tuned. I'll post once I get into it.


There was some one else here doing too. I think they were a bit ahead of me.

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I have Works Performance shortened ESA shocks on my R1200RT. I started the process in February of this year and posted my progress and results on this board. Do a search for "Lowering an R1200RT with ESA" and Lowering an R1200RT with ESA chapter 2". If you PM me with a contact # I'd be happy to talk you through it.

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