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empty hole


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attached is a picture of the front with an empty hole. I was just wondering if this hole was used for anything in particular like during maintenance. Otherwise it may become a mount for some driving lights.


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Clive Liddell

Nice pic.


My 1100 RT's front mudguard uses this hole. And I used to use it on both bikes to mount my dial guage for wheel checking (I now use one of the brake calliper mounting holes).

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That's the vonderment hole. I wonder what they ment by putting that hole there? lmao.gif


Sorry, couldn't resist. I'll have to look at Nubb and see, ah, wonder.


Good morning all! It's a great day for a ride!





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That hole is a lower front mudguard mount which was used on the R1150RT(to name at least one).

I use it to mount my UK road tax disc.


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The hole is used to mount the front fender on an 1100 - it is not used on the 1150
Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!
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Now that the poster has his question answered, is it OK to hijack this thread? Moshe_levy, do your fog lights take a beating mounted in that spot? I would like to add some extra lights, and with a pre-made mount I like the location, but wondered if they might get chipped from road debris that close to the ground. How have they worked for you? Thanks

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Hi Phil-


The project started out as a way for me to see if I could design my own Motolights ( http://www.motolight.com/fender.asp ) for less. I used a set of Hella Micro DE lights and made this bracket from 0.187" aluminum which I painted black



Mounted it to the fork leg here hellamount1.jpg


and then attached the lights to it here hellamount2.jpg


Final product hellamounted.jpg


After all the work, naturally, I put in more time than it would have cost me to just buy the Motolights in the first place, but it's cool to have something unique I made on the bike.


To answer your original question, I've had them on for about 12,000 miles now (since April) and they still look fine. I've seen Motolights on some bikes after 100k of use, and they hold up very well.


One more note - the Micro DEs are mounted sideways in my application, so they don't help much as far as usable beams at night. I use them strictly for conspicuity during the day. Motolights, by contrast, would work much better as functional lights at night.


Hope this helps!



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